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FUSION Pro DIY Installation Instructions


  • Clear the flooring surface of any removable objects and/or items.
  • Sweep or Vacuum any excess dirt and debris off the flooring surface.

Step 1 – Working out how to lay the Tiles

  • In your garage, stand facing your garage door opening.
  • Locate the Top-Left corner of your garage.
  • NOTE – A minimum expansion gap of 2-3mm (FUSION Ribbed, FUSION Ribbed Smooth) and 3-4mm (FUSION Solid Ribbed, FUSION Solid, FUSION Vinyl)  at the walls and/or any other immovable objects such as cabinets, vehicle lifts, support beams, etc should be left

Step 2 – Installing the First Tile

  • Place Tile #1 (Tile A) in the top left corner with the pegged “Male” sides facing the left wall and the garage walls.
  • Remember to leave a 2-3mm expansion gap between the tile and the wall.

Step 3 – Installing Rows of Tiles

  • Working from Left to Right, interlock Tile B with Tile A making sure that Loops and Pegs are facing the same direction.
  • Continue with your first row until the Right Wall is reached.
  • Return to the Left Wall and repeat steps 4-5 until the first three rows are completed.

*NOTE. If cutting is necessary, refer to the “Cutting Recommendations”portion of the Installation Instructions.

Edge Installation

In your delivery, you received either looped “female” edges or pegged male’ edges.

  • Following completion of the first three rows, connect the edges to the first installed row nearest the garage door entry.
  • Edges are only needed between the garage door rails. Refer to the “Edge Installation” portion of the Installation Instructions.

Option #1: Female Edge + Tile

  • Lift up the tile and align the Female/Looped Edge with the Male/Pegs of the tile and snap into place.

Option #2: Male Edge + Tile

  • Hover above and align the Male/Pegged Edge with the Female/Looped side of the Tile, and snap in place.

Attaching the Edge

  • With pegs and loops aligned, begin by pressing the sides of the Tile into the Edge, working your way to the centre.
  • This may take a little pressure, and you will feel a “snap” when the tile is attached to the edge.

*NOTE: Edges may have to be cut to fit within the garage door rails.

Finish Installation

  • Resume Steps 4-5 until the back wall is reached.
  • Be sure to check the alignment of your floor as you progress.
  • Cutting may be necessary along the back wall to complete the installation.

Cutting Recommendations

  • All FUSION Ribbed Pro products can be cut with an electrical saw such as a Circular Saw, Jigsaw, Table Saw, etc.
  • A fine tooth blade is recommended.

*NOTE: When making your cuts, be sure to position your tile accordingly to ensure it interlocks with the rest of your flooring. Refer to the Tool Manufacturers safety guidelines when using any tools.


Do not walk on tiles that are not interlocked together as they can be a dangerous slipping hazard. When installing your floor, be cautious of Swisstrax tiles placed on top of each other as they can slide easily.

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