Proslat – FAQ

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Proslat Storage Systems.


What is the Slatwall product made from?

The Slatwall is made from 90% recycled PVC Plastics.

How easy is the Slatwall to install?

The Slatwall is extremely easy to install. It can be installed over Gib wall linings or directly onto open wall studs. The kits come with all hardware required and along with a drill, a pencil, and a level, you will be fine.

Do I have to buy the accessories in a set?

No, all of the accessories are sold individually as well so if you would like to mix and match your own combination you are welcome to.

Do the Fusion Pro Cabinets only come as a complete set?

No, The Fusion Pro Cabinets are all individual items designed into sets for your convenience, These can be purchased individually so you can create whatever best works in your situation.

What are the cabinets made from and how many colours do they come in?

The cabinets are made using 18 guage steel and are powder coated in a semi flat black colour. There are six colours for the handles and kickplates so that you can individualize your combination.