We have no hidden costs and all of our prices are shown on here unlike many others in this business. The only extra costs are freight charges if you choose to have your items freighted to you. Most of our prices shown include GST!

This is a small family business which started out of frustration due to not being able to find any quality products on the New Zealand market to use in our garage.
Through our search we met and created some great relationships which turned into this wonderful business opportunity.
Being involved with these top companies and dealing with them directly allows us to offer their products to the New Zealand market at the best possible prices.

What we offer


We are about working with Recycled and Recyclable products. All of the items we sell are Recyclable and leave a low impact on the enviroment.


We don’t just sell our products, we look to make a partnership with you so that we become your first choice when you need something that we supply.


We believe that if you do an honest days work, you will always be fine! We are all about honesty which is why you will find our best prices displayed first up. Most of our pricing contain GST and there are no hidden costs!

Best Deals To You

We always strive for deals from our suppliers and when we get these deals we will pass them on to you, our business partners and customers.

Work Ethic

Our goal is not unlike most others. We want to provide for our family and make a difference. We have been bought up with a great Work Ethic and that is the cornerstone to how we do business.


Through our previous business we saw how important it was to “put back” into our local community and we continue to do this with this business.


The Brands We Supply

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