Prestige Cabinets and Mancave Direct Shelving – FAQ

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Prestige Cabinets and Mancave Direct Shelving.


What are the Prestige Cabinets made from?

The Prestige Cabinets are made from 18 gauge steel.

The Handles are made from solid Aluminium.

The Mancave Direct Shelves are made from virgin steel.

The Prestige Cabinets come as a complete modular system with all the individual units in their own cartons. The Prestige Cabinets come welded with a powder coat finish which makes sure the Prestige Cabinets are truly square and will not loosen off like flat pack cabinets.

The Mancave Direct Shelves come in their own cartons as a flat pack option. These are pressed and have a powder coat finish and also come as a flat pack so you can choose which layout options you require.

The Prestige Cabinets come in a powder coated Satin Black finish with your choice of six colours for the Handles and Kickplates. Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Orange.

The Mancave Direct Shelving comes in three powder coated colour options. Black, Blue, and White Grey.

Both the Prestige Cabinets and the Mancave Direct Shelving can be powder coated in any colours of your choice. Additional costs can be available on request. 

No, The Prestige Cabinets are all individual items designed into sets for your convenience, These can be purchased individually so you can create whatever best works in your situation.

Yes, both the cabinets and the shelving units are very easy to assemble and only take a short time to do so. They both come with complete instructions and all the hardware required. Some minor tools will be required.