Wash Bay and Auto Detailing

When it comes to keeping your Wash Bay or Auto Detailing Area clean and tidy, you cannot go past the Fusion Ribbed Tile Range and the Proslat Slatwall combination.

Never has there been a more versatile or tough flooring made that can be used in a commercial wash bay or auto detailing trade vehicle or trailer than the Ribbed Tile range by Fusion Tiles.

The Fusion Modular Ribbed Tiles will not only keep you dry while you wash the vehicles, with the water draining away through the specially designed ribs but the tiles will also keep you clean while doing so. The Fusion Tiles will not react to any of your chemicals and at the same time will cover all of the stained cracked concrete you have on display.

Having a heavy rollover weight capacity of 25,000kgs means that you will have no issues with your larger vehicles.

Keeping with another product that can withstand the harsh environment of a wash bay and detail shop is the Proslat Slatwall. Made from 90% recycled PVC plastic and with a very large strength rating, this will give you a very smart option for lining your walls to display and store your products. There are many Hooks, Bins, and  Baskets for you to use and these wont rust or deteriorate.

Show your customers that you care, for them, their vehicle, and the environment!

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