Office and Retail Areas

Enhance the look of your Office and Retail spaces with an easy solution in the form of our Fusion Modular Flooring, Custom Furniture, and Proslat Slatwall products. Not only will the Fusion tiles cover up cracks, stains or boring concrete but it will transform your space into a stunning inviting workspace with ease. Keep it subtle and elegant or make it stand out with a variety of colours, that is your choice. Adding the Proslat Slatwall to your walls will give you an extremely useable space to showcase your products and store your everyday items while transforming your workspace and keeping green with our 90% recycled Slatwall.

Bring the luxurious look of hardwood flooring to any room on a budget with vinyl wood flooring tiles and mix it up with our full range of ribbed tiles which can help break up any open space. Your workspace can be just as fashionable as your imagination will let you.

Create an industrial look that will have your pairs envious of you, not to mention that you will want to go to work to help show it off!

Installation only takes a few hours and is a great DIY project with no special tools required.

Don’t waste time and money on products that you keep having to replace, when you can invest once and do it right with quality products from Mancave Direct.

Fusion Modular Tiles

Office Furniture

Proslat Slatwall and Accessories

PROrack Wall Storage 

Open Storage Shelves

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