Commercial Applications

Commercial areas can be tricky to fitout, and depending on the style you require, can be extremely tricky to find a solution for.

Here at Mancave Direct, we understand this and offer several solutions from Modular Flooring Tiles through to Office Furniture and Storage Solutions. We know that this is an investment in your business and brand which is why we offer multiple solutions for you.

FUSION Tiles are our Number 1 choice in Flooring as they are Modular and can be disassembled with ease to go wherever your business takes you.
As a modular tile, you can easily add or subtract as many tiles as needed to customize your next space.
FUSION Tiles are designed to last a lifetime and not only do they look amazing, but they also increase safety, reduce fatigue, and provide the ultimate floor protection. FUSION Tiles are backed by an amazing 10 Year warranty.

With our Customized Automotive Furniture, nothing is Too Big or Too Small for us to tackle. We can create anything from Business Card Holders right through to Boardroom Tables.

We have several Storage Solutions to utilise from the Proslat Slatwall, which is 90% recycled PVC to our own range of Prestige Cabinets and Mancave Direct Shelving.

We WILL have a Solution for you and we WILL make you look cool and be the envy of your Business Rivals.

Fusion Modular Tiles

Prestige Cabinets

Prestige Rolling Cabinets

Proslat Slatwall and Accessories

PROrack Wall Storage 

Proslat Fusion Plus Cabinets

Mancave Direct Storage Shelves

Custom Furniture