Trade Vehicles and Trailers

At Mancave Direct we look outside the box for areas that our products work well for our customers advantage. We were approached to see if our flooring tiles would work in a race trailer, which they did superbly!  From there we expanded this venture to include the Cabinets and Slatwall.

After several trials we have an excellent line up of products that work extremely well in trade vehicles, trade trailers, and race trailers.

Save hours of cleaning time in your trade vehicle if you have customers with muddy or messy boots and put the finishing touch on your trailers when installing Fusion Modular Tiles, with your choice of 20 colours and several styles.

Our own FUSION brand modular Tiles that will cover that worn out oil stained trailer floor and turn it into a resilient, non-slip, fade-resistant custom designed work of art. Our premium Fusion garage floor tiles are eye-catching, easy to maintain, and the built in UV stabilizers ensure your floor’s colour doesn’t fade. With a compression strength testing of over 3,000 psi guarantees and our patented hidden 4-point injection molding process, our Fusion floor tiles stand up to commercial or residential use, all while keeping a very clean look.

Our PRESTIGE range of Cabinets add style and practicality to any trailer and pair these cabinets up with the Proslat Slatwall and you have a complete tidy space that you can be proud of while having a place for all your items. The PVC Slatwall has a large strength rating of 35kgs per square foot and is made from 90% recycled materials. Not to mention that it is much lighter than the regular used steel or timber panelling and with an array of hooks, baskets, and bins to choose from, you can customize your mobile workspace or race trailer with ease and style.

Installation only takes a few hours and is a great DIY project with no special tools required. Fusion Tiles, Prestige Cabinets, and Proslat Slatwall  have a durable solution that will fit your needs!

Don’t waste time and money on products that you keep having to replace, when you can invest once and do it right with quality products from Mancave Direct.

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