Storage Solutions

Do you have all of you stuff in piles on the garage floor?

Are you tripping over everything that doesn’t have it’s one space?

Does your vehicle sit outside on the driveway unable to fit in the garage?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we can help you tidy your space  and transform your space back into a useable area.

Both our PRESTIGE range of Cabinets and the Fusion Plus range from Proslat add style and practicality to any storage space. Pair these cabinets up with the Proslat Slatwall and you have a complete tidy space that you can be proud of while having a place for all your items. The PVC Slatwall has a large strength rating of 35kgs per square foot and is made from 90% recycled materials. 

Our heavy duty open shelves and our PROrack storage racks take advantage of the unused wall spaces that were previously deemed inaccessible. 

Installation only takes a few hours and is a great DIY project with no special tools required. Prestige Cabinets, Fusion Plus cabinets and Proslat Slatwall  have a durable solution that will fit your storage needs! Don’t waste time and money on products that you keep having to replace, when you can invest once and do it right with quality products from Mancave Direct.

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