Racing and Pit Garages

Stand out with your race car and your team.

The Fusion Ribbed Tiles will allow you to do this and will also provide you with a safe non slip environment while looking clean, smart, and stylish. Differentiate yourself from the competition by creating an area for your team and your vehicles. Choose your colours and design your tiles as you see fit. They are designed to withstand significant pressures, extreme temperatures, and offer a superior quality that guarantees the stability of your flooring. Because you need an adaptable cover for all surfaces and quick to set up, the Fusion Ribbed Tile is ideal. It can be placed on any type of surface (tar, concrete, turf, chippings, etc.) and its installation is extremely easy.

As well as our Fusion Flooring, we have our Prestige range of Rolling Cabinets, Rolling Garage Stools, Pit Furniture, Car Covers and Windscreen shades to keep your race car cool and out of the elements.

Set Up only takes minutes, not hours or days, and is easy with no special tools required. Whether you are in a purpose built Pit Garage, a Marquee Tent, or out on open ground, Fusion Tiles and Prestige Cabinets have a durable solution that will fit your requirements! Don’t waste time and money on products that you keep having to replace, when you can invest once and do it right with quality products from Mancave Direct.

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