Automotive Products and Care

Here at Mancave Direct, we care about your vehicles.

And as such, we offer the best protection and performance for your vehicle avaliable on the market.

From  Protecting your vehile with Xpel Paint Protection Film and Angelwax Car Care Products through to Maxton Body Kits to help improve the looks, and Eurotune Performance Tuning for that extra pep and fuel economy, we can cater for your Automotive needs.

With Xpel Paint Protection, Scratches, Stone Chips, and Paint Swirls will be a thing of the past, something you will never have to worry about ever again. Adding a Ceramic Coating to the Xpel PPF will bring you effortless washing for years to come.

Angelwax Car Care products help you keep you pride and joy looking like it has just come from the showroom, and with such ease of use these are for the serious car enthusiast. 

Maxton Body Kits offer you the best aftermarket kits around, and with a very large amount of kits for all makes and models there will be something to satisfy your requirements. If you don’t see any that we have for your vehicle, just message us and ask.

With the rising cost of fuel these last years, there is nothing like having extra performance and reliability while saving on those high fuel costs. This is where Eurotune comes into its own with advanced tunes that not only give you better performance but in most cases will also reduce your fuel consumption.



Xpel paint protection film

Angelwax car care products

Maxton body kits

eurotune performance tuning