Compare Fusion pro to Epoxy

10 Reasons to compare Fusion Pro Floor Tiles over an Epoxy Floor Covering

1. Lower Lifetime Cost

2. Installs in Hours

3. Simple Installation

4. More Design Options

5. Protection Freatures

6. Take it With you

7. Less Maintenance

8. Better Warranty

9. Slip Resistant

10. UV Protection

1. Fusion Modular Tiles Have a Lower Lifetime Cost

On average, a two car garage at 36m2 to 40m2, costs $3,000 to $11,000 to epoxy, versus a Fusion Modular Tile Floor at $2,700 to  $5,800. National averages to Epoxy a garage floor sit at $6,800.

You will also need to factor in the preparation and the long-term costs of maintenance when damaged by tools, vehicles, chemicals, or natural movement of the foundation. These are some additional costs associated with the initial set up and long-term costs of Epoxy Flooring.

Fusion Modular Tiles can have a similar initial investment cost, but it requires virtually no long-term maintenance.

  • One car Garage that is approximately 22m2, with Tiles and Edges can average between $1,375 to $2,200.
  • Two car Garage that is approximately 36m2, with Tiles and Edges can average between $2,250 to $3,600.

Sources: Home Advisor, Home Guide.

2. Fusion Modular Tiles Install in Hours, Not Days

Applying an Epoxy Coating to a garage floor starts with an extensive cleaning and etching process to ensure the coating bonds properly. This process typically starts with sweeping and blowing off all dust and debris, but often also includes washing, sanding off existing paint, and spot treating any oil stains. This process can take days to complete.

Depending on the type of Epoxy you will be using (water-based, solvent, solid), you will want to apply anywhere from 2 to 4 coats. After applying the initial Epoxy coat, you will need to wait an average of 5-24 hours until the first layer cures and is ready for a second coat. After you have applied the desired layers and allowed each layer to cure, you will need to wait an average of 2 to 7 days before allowing any type of traffic on the newly coated floor. Also keep in mind these additional factors:

  • Moving all items within the garage to a location and back once completed
  • Preparation of the subsurface
  • Time of actually applying the multiple coats of Epoxy

A Fusion Modular Tile Floors take an average of 1-5 hours to install, depending on the size of the garage. While you have to factor in the time to remove all items on the garage floor, other than sweeping out the excess debris on the floor, you can install Fusion Modular Flooring as soon as the floor is clear.

3. Fusion Modular Tiles Offer Simple & Safe Installation

Fusion Modular Tiles are the safe and simple DIY alternative to Epoxy. When surfacing with Epoxy, you often have to use harsh chemicals to prepare the surface, along with the toxic fumes you may inhale that come with having to apply multiple coats of Epoxy. While Epoxy can also be a DIY project as well, the Fusion Modular Flooring system is much easier, less time consuming, and a much safer process compared to Epoxy.

4. Fusion Modular Tiles Offer More Design & Custom Options 

The two main features of Epoxy flooring that you can customise is colour, and whether you want a granite looking finish (adding flakes to the Epoxy).

With Fusion Modular Tiles you can control and customise the following:

  • Type of Tile (Ribbed Pro, Ribbed Smooth Pro, Ribbed Solid, Vinyl Pro, and Diamond Solid).
  • Colour Options – Up to 20 different colour options and 8 different vinyl designs.
  • Design of the floor layout – Chequered, Outlines, Highlights, and more.
  • Use more than one style of Tile to customise your design.
  • Fusion Modular Tiles also offer a Graphics and Logo option, to allow for custom Logos to be inlaid into the Flooring Tiles. 

5. Inferior Protection Features with Epoxy

Epoxy flooring is susceptible to damage from everyday wear and tear like cracks, chipping, and installation inconsistencies, and can endure imperfections from many situations after the application process.

Fusion Modular Flooring Tiles help protect your garage floor from damage for the following reasons:

  • They sit on the top of the concrete surface.
  • They can withstand up to 3,000 psi in compressive weight.
  • They are heat and cold resistant from below freezing to 130.F
  • They are chemically resistant to liquids such as Oil, Gas, Acid and solvents, including Skydrol and Alkalis.   

6. Take Your Fusion Tiles With You if You Move

One of the biggest benefits of the investment that you will make with a Fusion Modular Flooring system is that you can take your Fusion Tiles with you if you move into a new home or move your business.

With Epoxy, you will not only invest money but you will also invest a lot of time ensuring the proper application of the flooring. So when you move you have just paid for someone else’s new floor. It is not like you can un-epoxy the floor and take it with you. All that time and money gone!

As one of the world’s finest modular flooring tile, Fusion Modular Flooring products are portable and easily move with you.

7. Ongoing Maintenance Investment of Epoxy Flooring

Every few years, Epoxy floors require resealing along with touch-up of any damaged areas on the floor. In order to maintain Epoxy flooring from everyday wear and tear, homeowners will need to remember:

  • Wipe up all stains immediately or scrub with non-caustic cleaners.
  • Regularly mop the Epoxy floor surface to keep it clean.
  • Keep the garage door closed to avoid UV rays hitting the floor surface, which will cause discolouration of the floor.

Fusion Modular Flooring Tiles have little to no maintenance requirements at all. The tiles are impervious to staining, fading, harsh chemicals, and many fluids. 

8. Superior Warranty Offer with Fusion Modular Tiles 

An average Epoxy flooring application only provides a 1-2 year warranty.

Fusion Modular Tiles offers a 10 Year to a Limited Lifetime warranty that is not prorated, with no hidden fees or hassles.

To give additional peace of mind, through Fusion Tiles, Mancave Direct also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for any Fusion Modular Flooring Tiles that are in re-usable condition.

  • Ribbed Pro: Lifetime Limited Warranty: Residential Setting
  • Ribbed Smooth Pro: Lifetime Limited Warranty: Residential Setting
  • Ribbed Solid Pro _ Lifetime Limited Warranty: Residential Setting
  • Vinyl Pro: 10-Year Warranty
  • Diamond Solid Pro: 10-Year Warranty

9. Slip Resistant with Fusion Modular Tiles

Fusion Ribbed Tiles are built with a self-draining design that provides a clean, dry surface. Along with the unique drainage systems, Fusion Ribbed Tiles were created to be slip-resistant when wet. 

With Epoxy you will need to be very careful with all liquids that are spilled on the floor while working because the wet surface can be hazardous to the working conditions in a garage. 

10. UV Stabilizer in Fusion Modular Flooring

If you plan to work with your garage door open, be careful to not let the sun hit your Epoxy stained floor. Stained concrete flooring is susceptible to discolouration from harsh UV rays and will over time cause a yellow discolouration.

Fusion Modular Flooring Tiles have a UV Stabilizer injected into the tile, giving them a superior UV protection level and making them highly fade resistant.